Data Navigator

The goal of Data Navigator was to make the vast amount of data points available through Dun & Bradstreet more visible to customers. Previously, this information had only existed in a cumbersome Excel spreadsheet. The team wanted to create an interface where customers could explore and easily discover new data points based on their use case.

My role on the project was UI/UX Designer. I delivered the wireframes, final visual design, and InVision prototype to the front-end developer I worked with. The team also consisted of a product owner and user researcher.

During the brainstorming process, we came up with different ways that data could be viewed. The data points had product names that were understood internally but did not make a lot of sense to customers so we came up with a layman’s view of the information. We thought of various scenarios that a user would want to view the data.


I started sketching ideas for how users could interact with the data in an intuitive way that would encourage exploration. I came up with a map functionality where users could zoom in and out of relevant categories.

The initial wireframes included filter options and the ability to purchase data elements directly from the app.

The first version of the app allowed users to interact with the app in a variety of ways. They could view product offerings in different use cases, see which products included specific data elements, and compare the data elements in different products. Purchasing directly in the app was beyond the scope of the first version so instead, users can export the information and send it to a salesperson.