Business Directory

D&B Business Directory is a global directory of businesses that allows users to find and connect with a company that they want to do business with. The website had not been updated in several years and was in need of a redesign with added functionality. A priority for the first release was incorporating features from the China version of the site so that the new design could be rolled out in the US and China. The team involved product managers from the China, Southeast Asia, India and UK markets.

My role on the project was UX Designer. I delivered the site map, wireframes, and InVision prototype to development.

I started with creating a site map so the stakeholders and I could understand the scope of the project.

One major addition to the website was the ability for a company profile owner to login and view profile analytics. Other new features included adding other users to a company profile and viewing and approving connection requests. We also added the ability to download a QR code that leads to the company profile page since QR codes are heavily utilized in China.

The search results page was updated with new customizable filters and a company carousel that was a required feature from the China site.

I worked with a visual designer to continue developing the wireframes and the final screens. Through InVision and weekly status meetings, we were able to meet a tight deadline and deliver the final design assets.